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We just wanted to take the time out to thank the Mastermind Investing/ Jonathan Buys Houses Team for helping us get rid of house we couldn’t get rid of.

We used the house as a rental and it needed so many repairs. We tried to sell it by ourselves first and that didn’t work! We then listed it with a realtor for 6 months and that didn’t work. We listed the house again with a different realtor for 3 months and that wasn’t working either!

We finally came across a piece of mail from Mastermind Investing/Jonathan Buys Houses and the rest is history! They told us some options of getting rid of the house and even offered us to be partners during the renovation instead of selling it but we were done and ready to move on!

They bought the house As-Is, which was great because we didn’t want to spend money fixing anything and we didn’t have to worry about a Home Inspector finding every little thing wrong and spending more money. They didn’t need a home warranty or closing costs and even paid our closing cost, which saved us more money and to top it off, There was No commission Fees! Talk about a savings, No Repairs Made, No Home Inspection, No Home Warranty, No  closing costs, No commission fees due at closing! We are truly appreciative and we highly recommend them!


                                                             – Janet & Dave

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